Experience-oriented fashion (and performance) manifestations utilizing sensory perceptions to question common ideas and systems to initiate the broadening of societal perspectives. 

I believe in a society that is based on equality and sincere connection with room for maneuver to exist uninhibited. 


Performance characterizes my work as a designer. It’s valuable for me that the spectator is engaged in the performance. Therefore I like to manufacture storytelling/interaction in my designs/performance. I want to involve the audience into my story to create connection.

Who am I?

Nadia Innocentia

is the name.
Being a Fashion Designer and Art Performer is my game.
I create with different topics in mind,
Current trends, social- and psychological aspects, all intertwined.
In my work, new forms and fabrics are made,
In order for the human silhouette to display,
The story I’d like to express.
However, my work is not only about the dress,
Or the colour of the shoes.
For me it’s the experience that counts,
The senses must be taken into account.
I want to make a connection,
By involving the audience by creating interaction.