The only moment that belongs to us is the present. We cannot act on the past because it is behind us and we can only learn from it. The future has not yet happened and we cannot hold on to something that does not exist. Therefore, we only have the present left, the moment in which we excist fully. When we accept this reality, the magical act appears in which we know that life belongs to us and we have to get the best out of it, every second. The meaning of Kàiros is the “appropriate or opportune moment.” Kairos represents opportunity and brings things at the right time in the most convenient way, even if it is at the last second.
A traveling troupe has arrived at the theater. Strange, disturbing and wonderful contraptions take their place on the stage as if they had always been there. 4 nomadic artists welcome an expectant audience who come to their show to discover the great truth about the future. Will I be promoted? Will I find love? Am I on the right path? 
“The Magical Story of the Artists of Time” has been made possible thanks to the work of this incredible team:
Director: Ignacio Lopez from Impro Madrid.
Choreography: Marchu Lorente Sanchez
Costumes: Nadia Innocentia 
Music: Adrian Berenguer 
Set design: Josemari Alcazar
Light design: Ankele Cantizani
Photo’s: Una Creativos
Actors: Santi Avendaño (Improvivencia), Irene Nana (Improvivencia), Adrián Carratalá, Katerina