On the day I die,When they will carry my chest,I don’t think I will feel pain for this world.Don’t cry, don’t say; pity, pity.When the milk is bad, it’s a bigger pity.When you see they’re putting me in the grave, I won’t disappear.Do the moon and the sun don’t come up after they’re gone?You think […]

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends for The Homme plus magazine. Co-operation with Givenchy and Studio Nepco. Shot by Blommersschumm.

Embrace the Dizelaši

This project is inspired by the Dizelaši. Dizelaši was an urban street youth sub-culture popular in the 1990s in Serbia in the Yugoslavian war. It has been described as a mainstream fashion and social subculture, similar to the British Chav, French racaille and Russian Gopnik. Translated Dizelaši means Diesel Boys They were trying to survive […]


Open a bookAnd you will find,People and places of every kind.Open a bookAnd you can be,Anything you want to be.Open a bookAnd you can share,Wondrous words you find in there.Open a bookAnd I will too,You read to me, and I will read to you. This project is a protest against censorship from the government.With this […]